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Futures Trading Product

This week I have some really exciting news to share with you.

If you trade futures, or have always been interested in trading in the futures market, then this emails for you.

Just look at what's happened to these four commodities in the past 13 months!

* Crude skyrocketed from $41.00 a barrel to $65.00 a barrel.
* Sugar sweetened from 9.00 a lb. to 18.00 its sweetest level in years.
* Gold continues to climb from $435 to a glittering $570 an ounce.
* Copper practically doubled from 1.2500 to a record breaking 2.3000 a lb.

Many traders have made fortunes on these moves.

Today, we are launching Futures ALERT, a new advisory service to capture moves in the futures market. Before I go on, let me share with you a short movie that will showcase Futures ALERT in more depth. Afterwards, I have two questions for you. (see below)

Here's the movie link

Here are the questions.

1) Do you think any of theses markets are headed higher, Oil, Gold, Interest rates?

2) Do you think problems in the Middle East are going to continue to worsen?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions ... read these facts.

Futures trading is one of the last bastions of capitalism left in America. Commodities are what makes the world work. Commodities should represent a portion of everyone's portfolio.

Futures are one of the few places where an average guy has an equal opportunity to make a fortune with a small bankroll. If you want proof look no further than me, a guy without a college degree who made good in the markets.

But first, look at what's going on the world.

Look at how China is buying raw materials (commodities) like crazy and how it is nipping at the heels of the United States as the second largest consumer of oil in the world. If you have two of the worlds superpowers whose economies run and depend on oil, guess what happens?

Prices go higher.

We may see one or two hiccups in the oil market, but oil is running out and demand has never been higher.

High demand, shrinking supplies, it's a recipe for higher prices. It's just that simple.

That's were our new service Futures ALERT comes in. Our new service covers not just oil but all the major commodity and futures markets.

But there's more ...

Our company has never done this before, but it is going to be good for you.

For the first time, our company is allowing our "Giant Footprint" technology to be incorporated into a daily futures advisory service.

Jim Robinson is a passionate futures player and is the editor of Futures ALERT our new service. Jim who is a good friend of mine (full disclosure) is incorporating MarketClub's "Giant Footprint" technology along with his two decades of experience into Futures ALERT.

This is a killer combination.

It's one I believe will deliver big dividends to Futures ALERT members.

I invite you to activate your membership in Futures ALERT today.

This new offer comes with a 30-day risk-free trial, at an introductory price you won't believe. Act today and we'll throw in several valuable trading bonuses that are yours to keep no matter what you decide after the trial.

Here's how to get started and claim your share of the world's commodity pie. But you need to act now, as we are only accepting 1,000 new members at this time. We have just seen that number reduced to 802, and we haven't officially launched yet!


Some individuals would prefer trading other commodities such as gold or silver coins and bars. For many this also serves as a store of wealth for turbulent times in other marketplaces. One of the best precious metals dealers is Endeavor Metals Group. They offer clients both the ability to buy online or direct in their office.

I urge you not to be complacent, I strongly recommend you act now. Join Futures ALERT today while there is still time and space available - not to act could be the biggest risk of all.

Don't miss this opportunity to get your slice of the world's commodity pie.

Here's the movie link


Adam Hewison

P.S. Join today as I know the remaining 802 memberships will be soon gone.

P.P.S. Feel free to share this website and movie with a friend