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Trading as a Business CD - Trader Tax Strategies Learn to keep your trading profits with this excellent new CD, co-produced by OTA and Traders Accounting.




Professional Trader Part 1 - 3 Day Trading Course Seminar

The objective of this 3-day class is to prepare active traders to trade as Professional trading business people. We will teach you all aspects of the trading world using the latest tools and direct access trading software. Learn to control your own order flow, learn to be a virtual Market Maker. Learn to trade with discipline, a plan and the technical tools that the Wall Street Pro’s use. "Out of all the choices available in trading education, I am certainly glad I selected Online Trading Academy. It's been extremely worthwhile." Jil T.

Please note that this course can be immediately followed by the Professional Trader Advanced course - in fact many times we have scheduled it such that there is no break in between! With the 7-day combined courses, you will be well on your way in trading education.

Professional Trader Part 2 - 4 Day Trading Course

The objective of this 4-day class is to cover advanced trading strategies, techniques and tactics. Each day will cover several advanced concepts which the student will then execute "live" with our accounts. With the 7-day combined courses, you will be well on your way in your trading education and trading career!

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